I’ve been disturbed by some of the public discourse l hear lately. If you’re old, or sick, or poor — tough luck; there is no such thing as the common good; your hardships are not my problem; you are on your own; if you suffer, it’s God’s will. Whew. This profound lack of generosity disturbs me.

So I wondered, how do I deal with this? The main way, as far as I can see now, is to notice the ways that I am not generous. And it’s not just money, although money counts. Can I be more generous with my time, with my attention, with my affection, as a friend, as a driver, as a spouse, as a grandmother, even with myself? How and where do I say no when I could say yes?

Once I notice my own lack of generosity, I can choose to be generous instead.

Will my practice of generosity change the public discourse? I don’t know. But I’m willing to bet that it changes me.

I haven’t yet made a generosity Intention Card. I’ll have to draw one right away so I can take a picture of it and put it on my cell phone as a reminder.

Will you join me? For at least this week, find ways every day to be more generous.

Will you write and tell me about how it goes?