A reader asked:

How is it that you so often say exactly what I need to hear? It’s uncanny how often that happens.

I actually hear that question pretty often. So I’ll tell you one explanation for why that happens.

The intent behind these newsletters, my intent, is to provide you (you includes me) with beneficial support and information. The source behind these newsletters is inspiration.

You want to know something, to learn something, to remember something. You need to hear something, and you’ve asked for it (consciously or not). Then, through inspiration, and through my willingness to be open to receiving inspiration, this newsletter becomes the means for you to get what you want.

It Takes Two To Tango

These newsletters could provide exactly what you’ve asked for, but if you aren’t open to them, they are no good to you. The reason I so often say exactly what you need to hear is because you are open to receiving what you need, open to hearing what you asked for.

And as so many of you have attested, it’s your Breath and Water practice that helps you to be open.


Be open to inspiration. Be available to receiving what you want. Become and remain available by practicing intentional breathing. Sit down, be comfortable, and allow your breath to flow. Allow breath to flow into your lungs, then add your intent and expand your inhalation a little bit more. Then enjoy the beautiful release that comes with allowing your breath to flow out.

If you find your mind wandering, if you find yourself thinking, practice one of the many breathing techniques we have discussed. Hug your heart. Smile. Reverse it. Alternate it. Feel your breath in your nostrils. They’ll keep your awareness on your breath. Have I left any out?

Again and again, return to your breathing practice. 15 minutes of intentional, appreciated breathing twice a day. Commit to the practice for one day, then another. Commit to it for one week, then another. After a month, evaluate how open you’ve become to receiving what you want/need in your life. Evaluate what comes into your life that you’ve wanted. Then write me a note and tell me about it!

Here are some things that you’ve mentioned in the past, things that you’d wanted and then got, the getting of which you’ve credited to your Breath and Water practice: enter graduate school, get pregnant, enjoy your job, find a new career, have a happier marriage, begin new relationship, resolve conflicts, enjoy a new perspective on life. And you’ve had many, many improvements in your health: joints, eyes, skin, digestion, flexibility, diet, hearing, illness, disease — many forms of relief.

Sometimes you didn’t even realize that you’d wanted something until you got it. Practice Breath and Water, and after a month take stock. What do you now have that you had wanted? Let me know.

Where Am I?

Still in North Dakota. But soon, surely by the 10th of November (unless we get snowed in!) we’ll be southbound. We’re going to spend the winter in Blanco again. I work in the State Park (volunteer in park headquarters in exchange for our campsite) in December, so we have to be there by then. If you’re in the San Antonio/Austin area and you want an in-person reading, get in touch with me after the 1st of December. Once I know my schedule at the park, I’ll be able to schedule readings.

If you are anyplace else, and you want a reading, get in touch — call or email me to schedule a phone reading.

You Can Help Me Out

Please tell people about this newsletter, about my Web site, and about my readings. I love it when you refer someone to me. Thanks.

Meanwhile, breathe and drink water, and write to me. Here’s what someone said about the Rumi poem from the last newsletter. This is the segment I gave you:

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

And this is what the reader said. This is not the same reader as the one quoted above, by the way. I guess that poem hit home for several of you. Please note that he is also talking about being open to receiving what he wants.

I copied that poem, Jett, and placed it all around my house, also in my car, in my wallet, and in my office. That poem is me speaking to me. It’s me that I’ll meet in that field, out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing. It’s just exactly the reminder I needed, a reminder to myself that I want to achieve a new level of being non-judgmental. That field is where I want to live my life. Thanks for all you’ve done to lead me there!