It’s sometimes easy for me to get out of my rhythm. Moving from one place to another will do it, which is what we’re about to do. The plan is to move from Duluth to Prior Lake, MN tomorrow, weather permitting (we don’t drive in the rain if we don’t have to, and we seldom have to). So I find myself putting off my intentional breathing, and forgetting to drink water. And I very nearly forgot to send this newsletter! Since we’ll be on the move for the next few weeks, the opportunities for postponing will be many. It would behoove me to make a little extra effort to stick to my Breath and Water practice. I may find that travel goes even smoother than usual if I do.

How are you doing with your Breath and Water practice?

I’ve posted some photos on my Web site — of autumn in the north country, and of me and my kids and grandkids at my son’s wedding. Click here, or go to my Web site, to the “Where is Jett?” page, and then click on “Click here to see where I am right now.”