A subscriber left me a rather breathless phone message:

Jett, I swear that writing Tenacity Notes has caused you to condense your not inconsiderable wisdom. This is deep stuff. Have no expectations. Have no preferences! No preferences?!?! Wow. Ooh, you ask a lot, but I love it! Bring it on!

Let me tell you something — and you know me, you know I have no patience for BS, mine or others — but let me tell you that I have never known such freedom as I’ve experienced by letting go of my expectations and my preferences. My good woman, this is hot stuff!

Let’s review

You have:
* recognized that expansion is your natural state
* practiced joy and passion as the essential qualities of your life (performance)
* practiced catch, release, and celebrate
* examined your defenses
* given yourself permission to be the one you suspect you’re capable of being
* been perfect, as Earth is perfect
* been impeccable for a day
* noticed what makes you happy
* released expectations
* let go of preferences

So how goes it? Let me know how you like Tenacity Notes.

I quite enjoy sending them.