Someone said, when she called recently to make an appointment for a reading:

“There are lots of times when I’d like to talk to you about something, but the issues seem like such small things to be bothering you with. I tell myself I don’t really need your help, I just want it. Plus, how would I know what to pay you for help with just one little question? So I don’t call.”

Then someone else said:

“I know that your time, wisdom, and gift are very valuable, and have been hesitating to call you for quite awhile, because I am on a limited income due to chronic health issues.”

Then I heard it for the third time, and knew I had to say something, even though my head is full of other newsletter topics. Which means issue #49 may follow soon.

Okay, listen up. Here’s the real deal.

First of all, I don’t believe it’s possible for you to bother me. Providing guidance via psychic readings is what I do. It’s what I want to do. It’s what I like to do. It is a gift I have, and using it pleases me.

One client, who many years ago went through a long spell of calling me very frequently, recently said to me: “Remember when I was depressed, and I called you all the time? You were my salvation.”

If you want to call me, please do. If I can’t talk to you right then, I’ll be able to soon. Please don’t ever think that you might be bothering me, or that your concern is “too little.”

No question is too little. Call me for any reason.

While most people call me for a full-fledged reading, many call for insight on just one or two specific questions. Either way you want to use me is fine with me.

I remember one client who felt embarrassed to call me with this question: “I can’t decide between two outfits for my 40th high school reunion. Can you help me?”

As it turned out, that question was very interesting, and contributed to me writing newsletter #21, I Am Going To Die. The outcome of the reunion was a wonderful surprise, and the outfit she wore had something to do with it! So it wasn’t such a “little” question after all.

(You can find all the back issues of the Breath and Water Newsletter on my Web site.)

How to pay me? Whatever works for you works for me.

While it’s true that I need to earn a living, and this is the way I do so, it’s also true that people need the help I can give, and I never turn someone away for lack of money.

Some possibilities

Most clients get a full reading and pay according to my sliding scale — $50 to $150. A full reading lasts as long as it needs to last, which is typically 60 to 75 minutes.

Some people choose to pay by the minute when they call for a shorter reading. For example, if they would normally pay $150 for a full reading, they’ll pay $2.50 a minute. If they would normally pay $50 for a full reading, they pay about 85 cents a minute. (I just learned that my cell phone keeps track of the length of the call. So convenient!)

Some people who talk to me frequently keep a running balance and send me a check every now and then. I have one client whose income is irregular, so she whenever she gets money, she sends me some. It is always a pleasant surprise for me. I have other clients who cannot afford even the low end of my scale. They pay what they can afford, and I’m happy for that, too.



Call me. There is no reason to hesitate.

All of this gives me another item for our “resistance” list from the last newsletter. If you have been making your list, send it to me.

By the way, my number is 612-965-9708.