November 3, 2009

I laughed and laughed after I sent a Note with two typos, saying “be impeccable.” Many of you laughed with me. But it got me to wondering, how can one be impeccable? What are the means by which I can do my best in whatever I’m engaged in?

I’m tying another string around my finger. (We tied strings on October 13 to practice having no preferences. Remember? Maybe I’ll rename this newsletter String Theory!)

This string will remind me to be impeccable. The string itself will be a means, of course. But the means the string reminds me of one time, and the means the string reminds me of another time, may be very different. We’ll see.

When someone asks me about the string, I’ll tell them I’m trying to remember to be impeccable in all I do today. And I’ll ask them how they practice impeccability.

(Maybe they’ll just think I’m a goofy German woman, which people south of Iowa tend to think I am — German, that is, not necessarily goofy!)