I’ve just returned from Louisville, KY. It was very hot and very humid there. Whew. I was there for several days with Deb, who went to attend some pre-con (pre-construction) meetings. We will be returning there in a few weeks, when Deb will begin her work as excavation supervisor for the new basketball arena for the University. It’s a big job, and an exciting one for basketball fans in Louisville, and it will keep us there at least until the first of the year. If you know anyone near Louisville, please let them know that I’ll be in the area, and that I’ll be available for readings. Thanks.

But for now, I’m in Minneapolis. I’ll be here another week, maybe more. If you want an in-person reading, give me a call. I love being in Minneapolis!

Internal/External Responses

I heard from several of you who liked the idea of tending to your internal environment. Here’s one response:

I have spent most of my married life knowing exactly what my husband needs to do to become more – well, become more like I want him to be. Over the years I have convinced him to: see a therapist, study yoga, stop drinking, make up with his mother, and change jobs. And those are just the big things. Every day I know what he needs to do to improve himself. But I really wasn’t aware of doing it until I read your newsletter. It was like a punch in the gut! I suddenly saw so clearly that I have been attempting to control him, all the while thinking I was doing good. Meanwhile, my internal environment has been neglected. Wow. Double wow. Many times wow. Now, all through the day when I think, “John should…” I catch myself, and I turn my attention inward towards my internal environment. I cannot tell you what a profound difference this is making in my life. I am like a new person, renewed, reborn, reconnected to my best self. Thank you. Thank you many times.

Here’s another interesting response to internal/external:

As you know, I’ve never managed to get into the swing of 15 minutes of breathing. I do it for a week, maybe two, and then it just fades out of my awareness. But I absolutely love this tending to my internal environment! I’m kind of a nosey person, and a bit of a gossip. I waste energy on trying to steer people towards what I “know” they should need or want. So I’ve had lots of opportunities to stop “shoulding” others and look instead at my internal environment. Checking out my internal environment is fun! I never know what I’ll find. I’m always surprised. And changing it is fun, too. And I do notice results in my life. I’m having more positive thoughts, and more positive experiences, especially at home with my husband and kids. One, they are listening to me!!! Two, I am less bothered by what they do!!! As you know, those are two small miracles. Thanks for this one, Jett.

Husbands seem to be benefiting greatly from this work!

I like it

I’m glad you like tending to your internal environment. I like it, too. It’s so interesting. Like many of you, I am often surprised at what I find. Tending to my internal environment makes a difference in how I feel, in how I see myself, in how I see others, in my perspective on the world. If you haven’t tried it, I encourage you to do so. If you’ve forgotten what I’m taking about, see the last newsletter, #49.

Keep to the basics

Don’t forget to tend your basic practice. 15 minutes of intentional breathing twice a day, and 8 glasses of water a day. Simple, profound, and enlightening. Enjoy.