What do you expect from your interactions today? What do you emanate?

You may know that I live in a State Park in Texas in the winter, and that I volunteer at park headquarters – collecting day fees, registering campers, cleaning the office and generally helping out as best as I can. I’ve been noticing expectations, mine and a co-worker’s, and the results of those expectations.

My young co-worker expects people to be irritating. She expects them to try to “get away” with something. She expects them to be stupid.

I expect that the people I interact with be in a good mood – they’re going to the park, after all. That has been my experience, and so that is what I expect. And that continues to be my experience.

I’ve watched people come into the headquarters building and go to my co-worker’s work station. I’ve watched as they ask a question my co-worker considers stupid, and I’ve seen them negatively influenced by her response. Even if they don’t ask a question, even if their interaction with her lasts for less than a minute, I see them influenced by her expectation that people will irritate her. They leave the headquarters building a bit crestfallen, a little bit crabby.

Does she attract irritating people because that is what she expects? Do I attract happy people because that is what I expect? Perhaps. Probably that is part of it. But the greater part is that what we expect is what we emanate. She emanates the energy of impatience and irritation, and when people enter her sphere they experience some kind of unease. And they react to that unease in their own unique way. She doesn’t have to say a word, and she still exerts a negative force on the people she interacts with. She creates what she expects by emanating what she expects.

We are all transmitters of energy. Some of us are naturally stronger transmitters than others, but we all transmit. We all emanate. What you expect determines what you transmit. What you transmit influences your interactions.

What do you expect from your interactions today?