About #126, you said:

“I walk around a lake almost every day, and I used to notice that on some days everyone I encountered was smiling, open and friendly. Other days they were off in their own worlds, unreachable. I wondered whether this was some mood adrift in the universe, or part of the lunar cycle, or subject to seasonal changes. Then one day I realized it was me. Whether I was unconsciously smiling, open and friendly, or curmudgeonly and closed, those I encountered were merely responding in kind. Now when I notice everyone smiling at me, I reflect on what I’ve been thinking about, so I can more consciously enjoy it, too.”


“Sitting with the present moment and loving on those around you is a powerful goal and can impact immensely. Thanks so much for your note.”


“Smiling really does change the way I feel. Just sitting here, right now, if I smile I feel happy – and I don’t have much to feel happy about. But something happens when I smile – I realize that nothing is as bad as it seemed only two minutes ago. Amazing. As an experiment, I try to smile and NOT feel happy. Impossible. Just a little smile makes a big change in how I’m experiencing my life. Thanks for suggesting it.”


“My parents were always telling me to smile. I HATE being told to smile. But you have an excellent track record with me, so I tried it – just a little smile, walking down the street. It felt like the sun came out! Thanks.”

Later today I’m taking my computer to the Apple store. It may be out of commission for a few days, so if you write to me and don’t hear back right away, that’s why. But do write.