If you go to my Web site, to Where is Jett, and then scroll down to the bottom and click on ’11 Autumn, you’ll see a picture of my children’s birth mother, my former partner, Vicky.

Vicky died on Sunday. Her dying was several days long, and was attended always by loving people – primarily her children, her niece, and her partner. An unrepentant back-to-the-land hippie, a farmer, a progressive thinker and doer, and a creative person in every sense of the word, Vicky planned a death and after-death process that matched her values and vision. It was a gift to all who traveled it with her.

I’m in the Twin Cities for a couple of weeks to be with my kids. I return to Texas next week. I know I haven’t been very tenacious with Tenacity Notes since going to Mexico in December, but I do plan to get busy with the Notes again. I’ll also get to work updating my Web site, because as you may have noticed, where I am now is definitely not northern Minnesota in September.

Vicky Wiegand
Rest In Peace