Recession! Depression! Armageddon! (maybe all those dire predictions about 2012 are true after all)

Physicists tell us that the universe is expanding, expanding in every direction from every point. You, the microcosm, are also expanding, expanding in every direction from where you are in any and every point in time.

At this point in time, if I am in fear, then that is the place I expand from. I expand from my center, and if I am centered in fear, then I am surrounded by and expanding into fear and its kin. But if I will only turn a bit, look in another direction, focus in another direction, feel my way to a different point, perhaps appreciation, then that is where I expand from. Then I am expanding into and surrounded by appreciation and its kin.

We expand in every direction from every point in time. I am the center from which I expand. If I am grounded in appreciation, that is where I expand from. If I am grounded in feeling like a victim, that is where I expand from. Where do I choose to place my center? Where do you choose to place your center?

You can choose the trajectory of your expansion.

In fact, you do choose the trajectory of your expansion. Who is in charge of where your center is? Only you. Always, no matter what, only you. If you are centered in feeling like a victim, look around. Try out different perspectives. Can you nudge your center in the direction of appreciation, of love, of curiosity, of glee, of hope, of wonder, of joy? Yes, you can.

Try a bit of appreciation, let it be your center. It’s so easy — there is always something nearby to appreciate. Every time you move your center, look around again. There will be new and different perspectives available. Moment by moment, breath by breath, you can nudge yourself in the direction you desire.

You may remember issue #30, from December 2006, Become a Master of Perspective. You can find it on my Web site if you want to read it again. Go to the Newsletter page.

Breath and Water is your Foundation

With 15 minutes of intentional breathing twice a day, and plenty of water, you will tend to be more aware, to be more apt to consciously choose the trajectory of your expansion. With your Breath and Water practice as your foundation, you are clear about the direction you wish to move in, you are available to your desire, and your heart and your mind are open to new perspectives.

What is the center from which you are expanding? What do you want it to be? Move yourself in that direction.

Help me expand

You can help me expand by passing on the Breath and Water Newsletter. From what I hear, people like this newsletter. Maybe you know someone who would like it, too. You can forward it to them.

Blowing my mind

I love having my mind blown by listening to physicists talk about their trade. My most recent mind blowing experience was via a radio conversation between Brian Greene and Robert Krulwich on a Radio Lab podcast. The show was called “The (Multi)Universe(s).” You can find it on Radio Lab’s Web site.

The Review

One reader had this to say about the last issue:

Jett, I have spent some delicious hours perusing the old Breath and Water newsletters. Some of them are exquisite, and all of them are good reminders. They contain such wise and useful teachings. You should write a book. I am printing some, and placing them around the house. I did some cutting and pasting, and used colorful paper. I’ve thought of gluing them onto card stock, and making a kind of deck of cards, and randomly picking one each day as a reminder. You could write a book and make a deck of cards! Also, it’s been inspiring to re-read the issues in which readers tell of the improvements they’ve had in their lives due to breath and water. Thanks for publishing the list.

I am writing a book, actually have written it. Now looking for a publisher.

Where Am I?

Did I tell you I’m in Louisville? Did I tell you it’s hot here? Oh my. But it is a lovely city, with great restaurants and friendly people.