Become a lunatic

I’ve been spending too much time driving from Kentuckiana to Michiana, pulling our trailer (our home) to the factory, trying to get it fixed so it pulls right. It’s been all too easy for me to let this problem loom large in my mind. But along the way, I’ve been looking at the moon, and the moon has been putting things in perspective. Even the election. Even the economy. Because when I look at the moon, I see myself in relation to it. I see myself, and my life, and all the details of my life, in relation to the cosmos. And I am filled with wonder and awe. I am amazed that in all the huge vastness of possibility, I exist.

I exist — all the rest is just details. And with the details, I do the best I can. I put one foot in front of the other, I take one step at a time, I breathe and drink water, and I remember to look at the moon.

Become an enlightened lunatic

Enlightenment is the ability to receive all of life, particularly life’s many disturbances, as a means to becoming more of who you are. Said another way, enlightenment is the ability to experience all of life as guidance, as doorways, as opportunities to live into the essence of you and the essence of all that is.

Enlightenment is a gift. Consider it like a flower, the flower of the seed planted with your intent and your practice. Enlightenment is that feeling of wonder and awe, that realization of the vast potential, vast mystery, and vast reality of self. Enlightenment is a gift we give ourselves, a gift that comes from the practice of self observation and self awareness. A gift that comes from the practice of Breath and Water.

Looking at the moon puts me in that place of enlightenment, and I like it. All the rest is just details.

Happy Halloween. May we all be lunatics!