I could use some help.

I have been asked to record Tenacity Notes. Some people’s eyes don’t like the computer screen, and some people want to hear my voice. There are other reasons in the background, something about people submitting questions and me answering them by voice, as if in a reading or a class. Answers that would be useful to the collective, not just the individual. But that’s somewhere in the future. For now, here’s my first effort – last week’s Tenacity Notes with a recorded version included.

I don’t think doing it this way, embedded in an email, is a good solution. It takes a long time for it to send, and probably a long time for you to receive it, and this one’s only a few sentences long. Imagine if it was several paragraphs.

I have a WordPress Tenacity Notes site, (http://tenacitynotes.com/) and there must be a way to add the recorded version to those postings. But I don’t know how to do it. And I doubt that I have the skills to figure it out. If any of you know how to do a podcast on WordPress, or on iTunes for that matter, and you’d like to help me, please get in touch. I’m not asking for professional help because I don’t have the money for that. But I’d happily trade readings for your assistance. Let me know.

Someone who I mentioned this to suggested that I use YouTube, and have video, not just audio. Well, maybe. Video of me – that’s a bit of an edge for me! I wonder if I could add video to my WordPress site. My 11-year-old nephew makes YouTube videos. I’ll talk to him.

What do you think? I would very much like your feedback. Thanks.

In the meantime, here’s Tenacity Notes #134. It’s the same as #133, but with the addition of a recording of me reading it.