This is a news and information Note.

Mostly you had an easy time listening to Tenacity Notes, even those of you who have slow internet. That’s good to know. You were enthusiastic about being able to hear as well as read the Notes. That’s good to know, too. And you sent me lots of links for ways I can get the recording onto my Tenacity Notes wordpress page. Thank you.

When I get to a location where I have good wi-fi, I’ll begin experimenting with getting it done. Learning to do new things on the computer is not something I do for enjoyment, but I’ll make an effort. Until then, I’ll continue recording each Note and attaching it into the body of the email. Then you can listen or not, as you please. I’m curious to see how will evolve. Please don’t stop sending suggestions.

We’ve arrived in Minneapolis from Texas, and we’ll be here for a few days. The plan is to get to the Duluth area on the 20th, and to remain up north, either Duluth or someplace on the Iron Range, until October.

As always, I’m available for in-person readings wherever I am. And as always, I’m available for phone readings. You can call or email me to schedule a reading. 612-965-9708, jett@mm.com

Have I told you that I value your referrals? I do. Word of mouth is how people hear about me. Thank you.