I recently returned to a meditation I used to use, and I loved it. Then I added an alteration, now I REALLY love it. Maybe you’ll love it too.

Sitting and breathing, I imagine myself encompassed in a column of light, a column of light that extends down into Earth and up into Cosmos. I’m not only encompassed in it, but I am filled with this light — I breathe it, I smell it, I feel it on my skin, I see it, and if I’m lucky, I hear it. The column of light is usually golden, and is shot through with rose, amethyst, and blue light. Other colors, too. Can you see it? It has been a lovely and rather delicious meditation.

Then the other day, a woman I know likened the intensity of the column of light to the flame that comes from a rocket being launched into space. The power of such light!

It reminds me of an old Firefly newsletter, where I quoted Dr. Martin Luther King about the power of love. He spoke of love as an all-embracing and unconditional love for all mankind — not something sentimental, not something namby-pamby, but a great and powerful force, a force that is essential for the survival of us all.

Powerful love — love with the power of a rocket!

Try the column of light, and let me know how you like it.

Breath and Water

Ground yourself in the basic practice: 15 minutes of intentional breathing twice a day, and 8 glasses of water a day. That’s it. Often easier said than done, but well worth the discipline it takes — ask anyone! Read the back issues of this newsletter and see what people have to say about the changes they’ve seen in their lives from this simple yet profound practice.

Speaking of simple and profound, here’s what you said about Breath and Water #55

* This Breath and Water moved me. Living your life How simply powerful.

* Just live your life, do the best you can. Profound — simple yes, but also profound. Thank you, it’s just what I needed to hear, just when I needed to hear it (as usual).

* Jett, you say: Some things can only be known in retrospect. How true that is, yet I never thought about it before, nor have I ever heard anyone else say it, nor have I ever read it, and as you know, I read lots of spiritually focused books. It’s profound, Jett. And I use the word profound deliberately. I looked it up in the dictionary, and it is exactly what I mean: “demanding deep study or thought: expressing profound truths in simple language.”

* You know, Jett, this little newsletter says big and important things in simple and easy to understand ways. You don’t trumpet the importance of what you’re saying, you just lay it out for us to ingest and to have our own insights about. This one, about living your life and doing the best you can, is the recipe for both the ultimate in freedom and the ultimate in being responsible to one’s self — to MY self. You give us profound truths in a deceptively simple way. Thank you.

Where am I?

Someone pointed out to me that I haven’t done a good job of keeping my Web site up to date about where I am. Too true. I’ll get on that.

I’m in Blanco, Texas, my winter home for the fifth year. Before long, Deb’s company will call her to return to work, and we’ll head north. We won’t know where or when we’re going until we get the call. It certainly helps us live in the moment.

Please, let me know where you are, and how you’re doing!