Life is huge; a huge, wide, unknown mystery of existence. In that vast expanse of mystery, what do we know? We know the laws of nature — if I jump up, I will only go so high. Even Michael Jordan will only go so high. And I will come down again.

But other than the laws of nature, what can we know? There are two things we can probably know for sure: one, I will die; two, I live. What we can truly know is a tiny speck in the vast expanse that is the mystery of existence. The unknown stretches out to infinity all around. Sometimes, in order to feel safe in that vastness, we pretend to know things.

This week, pay attention to your speech and your thoughts. Catch yourself making statements of knowing. For example, “My spouse (brother, neighbor, child, parent, co-worker) needs to ___________.” Then see if you can change it from a statement of knowing to something that is more accurate: “I want my spouse to ________.”

Be radical with this. Investigate everything you say and think. Change “it’s going to rain tomorrow.” to “rain is predicted for tomorrow.”

Why do this?

We’ll talk more about this next week.