Let It Be.

A question from a reader:

When we are doing the breathing, can we be doing other things at the same time, like praying or toning?

Breath is expansive.

I’ve suggested that you practice Hug your Heart for a few minutes while breathing. Beyond that, I’d like to suggest that you do nothing. Nothing allows space for something. Nothing is expansive.

Let it Be

If you breathe with freedom you create space, space into which you can expand in a healing way.

Keep breathing and drinking water, and keep in touch. Write as often as you want. I’ll keep passing on your tips and comments.

Some comments from you:

Thanks for having the breath and water club! I like being a part of it. Remembering I am part of things bigger than I am reminds me that I am not alone, and helps me feel connected and supported.

I carry my nalgene water bottle with me almost everywhere; I like adding the rubberbands to help me keep count. I’m off now to do a mid-day breathe! Some days I can find time to breathe at work and that makes me feel very blessed!

The Breath and Water newsletters are great. I’ve been trying to nudge myself into a more regular practice again. There have been some humorous reminders from life: recently a new commercial has been running on TV promoting a bottled water. It shows short clips of some rather rough-looking men drinking water and smiling while the voice-over talks about how much better you feel and look when you drink water!

I have glaucoma, and I’ve found that gulping a lot of water all at once increases the pressure in my eyes. I’m learning to drink smaller amounts of water all day long.