Over the years, during readings, people have asked me about the New Age 2012 phenomenon. Is it really the end of the world, etc?

Every time I’ve been asked, I have “looked” anew. And every time, I’ve “seen” the same thing: there appears to be a shimmer of opportunity at this time; “this time” being a period of a few to several years. A shimmer of opportunity being a kind of thinning of the boundaries between dimensions; a kind of opening to possibility.

I’ve noticed that now people are talking about the specific date of December 21, 2012 as having some kind of significance in this New Age scenario. Will this be the actual end of the world, etc?

Every breath affords us the opportunity to send our lives down a particular path. There are times in our lives when a developmental shift accentuates that opportunity, and even seizes the opportunity if we don’t. Such developmental shifts do not happen in a day, or a month, or sometimes even a year. But they do happen. We experience such developmental imperatives throughout our lives. One example: when a child is ready to walk, the child will walk. It is a developmental imperative. And it is a process. And it cannot be stopped, except by extreme measures.

This whole 2012 phenomenon feels to me like a kind of universal developmental shift. It is a universal imperative, and, as with any developmental shift, it is a process.

Now, and for the next while, ride the shift. Enjoy yourself. Be curious and filled with wonder. (“Something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is, do you Mr. Jones?”)

Breathe. Drink water. Always leave a conflict better than you found it. And remember that there are two essential elements to any performance (any life) — joy and passion.

FYI: the quote is Bob Dylan.