This holiday season, drink Sacred Water. (Sacred Wine, Sacred Soda Pop, Sacred Coffee, Sacred Tea, Sacred Cocktails, Sacred Juice, Sacred Milk…) Imbue everything you imbibe. Imbue it with a quality you’d like more of in your life.

Do you remember Imbue and Imbibe from the Breath and Water Club newsletter? In that example, I used the energy of appreciating the beauty all around me, but it could be any quality — joy, passion, humor, fun, tranquility, grace, robust health, loving others as they are, loving myself as I am, curiosity, generosity, acceptance, appreciation — anything. Bless whatever you imbibe — make it Sacred, make it Holy. Then drink it.

Here’s a reminder from issue #16, November 2005: For example, I pick up my glass of water, close my eyes, inhale, and feel myself filled with the energy of appreciating-the-beauty-all-around-me. As I exhale, I direct that energy into the water. I see, sense, imagine, know that the water filled with that energy. Then I drink it. I imbue the water, then I imbibe it. Imbue one glass at a time, or imbue a larger amount to drink during the day.

Happy, holy holidays!