Hug Your Heart

Your heart is nestled in among the lobes of your lungs. When you breathe fully, your inflated lungs press on your heart. Think of this as your lungs hugging your heart. Breathe, and get a sense of your lungs and your heart interacting. See if you can inflate your lungs enough so that they exert a pressure on your heart. With practice, you will be able to feel it. You’ll be able to hug your heart.

We all experience a heartfelt yearning to be connected. That yearning is a thing of the heart — the heart knows unity and seeks it. The yearning for connection is a multi-leveled thing, and it has a physical component. Your heart knows the touch of your lungs, and your heart knows when that touch is not present. Which, with most of us, it seldom is. Little shallow breaths do not allow your lungs to embrace your heart.

Use the Hug Your Heart Breath during your morning breathing time. Especially use this breath when you become aware of a yearning for connection. Hug Your Heart. You will learn that connection is possible and that your yearning can be met.