I was watching the wind as it was swirling the dust and blowing the leaves, and thinking how the wind is only known by the effects it causes. Love is like that. Love has no physicality — it can’t be described, like a tree or a person can be. It can only be described by the effects it causes. But unlike the wind, which is external to us, love can also be known by the internal effects it causes. And I can’t generate the wind, but I can generate love. How do I know I have done so? And what exactly are the effects that love causes? How exactly does one generate it?

Did you notice that the wind was swirling the dust and not the snow? While Minnesota is still in a snowy deepfreeze, I am in the midst of spring, spring about to turn to summer. We’ll be leaving Texas early in April, and hope to be back on the Iron Range by early May. We’ll follow spring, and the wind that accompanies it, to the northland. It’s been a great winter for me in Texas, and I’ll be sorry to leave my friends and clients and activities here. But I’m also eager to get back to the far northland, and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, and friends and family and clients up there. See you soon, hardy Minnesotans!

Wherever you are, I hope your seasonal transition is delightful.