A reader writes: “I have a lot of distress in my life, and your idea that it is self-inflicted was insulting. At first. But since the idea came from you, I gave it my consideration. Grudgingly, I admit that you’re probably right. So I’ve made a list of all the things that cause me distress, and one at a time I’m trying to figure out how not to be distressed by them. This is a big deal for me, and it is not easily done. But I’ve told myself that I’ll try it religiously for two months, without judging the process as I go, then I’ll evaluate. I’m keeping a daily journal about it. Since you instigated this, I may be calling on you for your wise counsel. (That last sentence is meant fondly. Picture it with one of those smiley faces.)”

I like this reader’s organized approach. I’m eager to hear how it goes, and what her final evaluation is. And yes, she can call my any time. As can any of you.