While navigating a difficult situation with a commitment to make the best of it, I found that the situation did not have the power to confound me. Challenge me, yes. But not cause me distress. And as it went along, I kept finding silver linings. If I hadn’t been making the best of it, if I had been grumbling, feeling like a victim, being judgmental — any of the ways I have of being defended — I wouldn’t have noticed the silver linings. Making the best of it revealed silver linings that I would otherwise have sworn could not be there.

Notice: My internet provider has informed me that my email address must change. (Another opportunity to make the best of it!) My new address is jett@mnmicro.net. My old address, jett@mm.com, will work for a while yet, but please change my address in your address book now, since I’ll begin using the new address soon. That way, you’ll avoid having Tenacity Notes end up in your junk mail.  Thanks.

If you’re curious, we’re staying in a campground in Apple Valley, a southern suburb of Minneapolis, and we’ll stay here for 2 weeks. It’s very nice to be back in the Twin Cities for awhile.