I’ve been thinking about demons, and about being possessed by them, and about what a commonplace experience that is.

If a demon is something outside of you that can posses you and take you over, then your beliefs, your expectations, even your values and goals can be demons. A demon is anything that is not of your own essence and that can control you.

What are your beliefs? What are your expectations? Your values? Your goals? Are they truly yours? Or are they demons that stalk you, that perhaps have been stalking you for most of your life?

Do you doubt your own beauty? Consider that doubt a demon. Banish it! Do you believe that life is meant to be hard? Another demon! Perhaps you have a goal to achieve this or that. Is it truly your own goal, or was it imposed upon you by your family, your culture, your religion? If so, consider it a demon. Banish it!

I know “demon” is an odd word for me to use, a religious word. But it is a good and useful concept. Because, really, who would want to consort with demons? Name your constricting beliefs demons and you may find it easier to stop hanging around with them. Get thee behind me, demon!

What demons stalk you?