This is my mea culpa issue. I have neglected this Newsletter. I hope you haven’t neglected your Breath and Water practice. I was afraid, when I began sending the weekly Tenacity Notes newsletter, that this one would suffer. It has. I apologize.

But you know, even as I write this I realize that the last issue was sent in April, and I was in Iowa City all those months, and the weather there truly did sap my strength. I couldn’t rally. So it wasn’t Tenacity Notes after all that caused me to neglect this newsletter, it was the weather. Whew, it’s a relief for me to realize that. Yes, I think that’s accurate.

But now I am in Duluth, feeling rejuvenated and alert.

Even though the newsletter faltered, The Breath and Water practice remains as valuable as it was the day we started, in December of 2004. Stay with your practice. Make it the foundation of all your spiritual and physical practices. Intentional breathing for 15 minutes twice a day. That means breathe with awareness, breathe and feel the pleasure of it. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

This Breath and Water practice will release all kinds of physical, psychological, and spiritual blocks you have to your own well-being. You know it — you either know it because you’ve experienced it, or you know it because you’ve read others’ accounts in this newsletter — the Breath and Water practice is a healing practice.

Some readers have told me that they like to read past issues, which is a very good idea, especially in the last few months when there were no current issues. At least one reader has made small pieces of paper, each one with a number between 1 and 66. She keeps them in a decorative bowl, and once a week, or once in a while, picks a number and reads the corresponding issue. She uses the discussion in that issue to guide her during her week.

I would like to hear from you. Have you kept up with your Breath and Water practice? Did you miss the newsletter?

In the meantime, I’ll commit to sending a Breath and Water Club newsletter at least once a month, even if it’s only a reminder to keep practicing.

Thanks for hanging in there. I still appreciate the support I get from this newsletter for my own Breath and Water practice. I like knowing that others out there are doing the same practice.