Mirror, mirror everywhere.

I am more and more aware of the way other people provide a mirror for me. For example, at the Y the other day, the woman at the desk scolded me soundly because I had my cell phone in my hand as I checked out. I wasn’t talking on it, and I’d put it in my hand to remind myself to go to Natural Harvest Co-op after I left the Y, but she didn’t know that.

Going to my car I said aloud to myself, “Jeez, bossy!” Then I had to laugh, because the thing is — I have been every bit as bossy and unpleasant as she, and not just once either.

Every time I am inclined to be even the least bit judgmental of someone, I look around in my life and discover that I have been the same at some point, perhaps yesterday, perhaps 40 years ago. Really, every time!

This realization helps me to be compassionate towards others, and compassionate towards myself. It’s a practice in humility, and it’s rather fun — I get to laugh at my own foibles, and I get to appreciate the ways I’ve changed.

This week, pay attention to the mirrors in your life.