Helen Keller said, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

I must view this business of radiating love as a daring adventure, or it’ll turn into nothing. What I mean is, it’s not a walk in the park!

There are times when I steadfastly resist the whole idea of radiating love — times when I’d rather be crabby or feel put upon. But when I can remind myself that radiating love is a daring adventure that I’ve set off on, then I can surrender my resistance and just do it — because I want to be on an adventure, and I want to see where the adventure lands me.

I have no doubt that this practice of radiating love is taking me on a path to me to discovering me. And I trust that where it lands me will be somewhere that I’ll recognize as a place where I’ve always wanted to be.

I’m curious about where this practice will take me, and my curiosity drives me on.