I’m radiating love! Here’s how I do it.

I imagine that the energy of love appears as short bursts of sparkling energy. Rather like these dashes – – but bright.

Radiating love is simply this: imagining those short bursts of bright energy radiating out from me. That’s it.

I practiced radiating love diligently for a couple of years in the min-1980s. Every moment I could, I imagined short bursts of sparking energy radiating from me — walking down the hallway at work, petting the dog, doing the dishes, driving, grocery shopping, getting my hair cut, gardening, on hold, in line, falling asleep, waking up, cleaning the house, etc. etc. The results in my life were very nice indeed at the time, and they have been ongoing and long-lasting.

That’s all it is. I don’t to try to feel any particular thing, or think any particular thing. I don’t imagine myself as beautiful or bright or righteous or holy. I just imagine that I’m radiating short bursts of sparkling energy, and I know that it’s the energy of love.

It takes awareness. And it takes practice. I invite you to practice it with me all this week. (I think you may notice that it’s impossible to radiate love and at the same time hold onto any gloomy or judgmental or otherwise negative perspective.) But let me know how it is for you.

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