I didn’t breathe for two months. First a fierce cough, and then pneumonia and a fierce cough, kept my breathing tiny and shallow and kept me at a low level of functioning. Even after my physical symptoms were gone, my breathing was inadequate. I’d fallen into a habit of barely breathing.

What a delight it is to return to my Breath and Water practice. It took some effort, some discipline, and some determination to get back in the groove, but I’m grooving now!

Perhaps it was good for me to be away, because returning has reminded me of the very real benefits I receive from Breath and Water.

* Beginning my day with peaceful breathing really does bring peace to my day.

* I finally feel alert and able. I feel curious and ready for life, thanks to Breath and Water.

* My Intentional Breathing has allowed me to find my own rhythm, my own breath. No effort.

* After two months of barely breathing, my Breath and Water practice is beginning to influence my breathing throughout the day. My habit of tiny breaths is being replaced by a habit of true breathing.

* Breathing at the end of the day is like a blessing — a blessing even though I’ve made mistakes during the day.

* The list goes on.

If you’ve drifted away from your Breath and Water practice, let me tell you that returning is a wonderful gift to give yourself.