I’m trying to reconcile two images:

1. Arms thrown wide open, saying Yes! to life.
2. Radiating love.

There is a powerful vulnerability in arms thrown wide open, a vulnerability that I don’t sense in radiating love. So I wonder, with radiating love am I creating a safe place from which to live my life? A place to hide in? How do I reconcile the vulnerability of arms thrown wide open with the contentment of radiating love?

If I add the energy of receptivity to radiating love, I accomplish the reconciliation. Receptivity fosters vulnerability. And the other thing it does is it prevents my radiating love from becoming some form of giving. It’s too easy for me to involve my ego and feel groovy that I’m radiating love to all and sundry — and then it isn’t actually love that I’m radiating. Including the energy of receptivity brings a vulnerability that my ego can’t tolerate. And without the involvement of ego, I can radiate a truer, purer love.

So this week, it’s all about love and receptivity. Also this week, and next week and the week after, it’s our autumnal Snowbird migration. We’re on the way to our winter home in Blanco State Park in Blanco, Texas. Yee-haw!