Remember me talking about getting my teeth extracted, and radiating love in order to relax? (Issue #205) Well, here’s what one reader had to say about that:

 “Ever since I had chemotherapy two years ago, I have had a terrible gag reflex when in a dentist chair.  Yesterday, I tried your suggestion of radiating love while in for a cleaning and it worked beautifully. It was the first time I’ve had my teeth cleaned without gagging in over two years. I can’t thank you enough for helping me learn a new process to make an uncomfortable event into a manageable one.  I truly value your wisdom, your knowledge, and your willingness to share.”

This practice of radiating love has its challenges (mostly I am challenged to remember to do it!) but I’m really blown away (and you may know that I love being blown away) by the beauty and power of it.

If you’re not practicing radiating love, I encourage you to give it a good try.

Let me know!

I like hearing that people value and enjoy Tenacity Notes. Really, it’s your comments that keep me writing.