I’ve heard from several readers that they are “sending love” to this or that person or situation or animal. As always, I’m grateful to hear what you’re up to.

Those of you who live in the frigid northland know the difference between a forced air furnace and radiators. In a forced air furnace, air is heated, and fans blow it through ductwork and into the room. Radiators, on the other hand, are large cast iron tubes that fill with hot water and do nothing. No blowing, no sending. They get hot, and the heat has it’s own movement. The heat moves into the room through it’s own volition.

When I talk about the practice of radiating love, I am not suggesting that you become forced air furnaces. I am suggesting that you become radiators. Love, like heat, has it’s own movement. It needn’t be sent — it will spread out into the world through it’s own volition.

I find that I want to take this furnace metaphor and run with it! But let’s leave it here for now. Sending love and radiating love are different practices and have different results, and I’ll be reporting on some of the results you tell me about.

If you’ve been sending love, no need to quit. But do add the practice of radiating love. And let me know.