Why bother?

It’s been a while, I know, since I sent out a Tenacity Notes. An old and dear friend of mine died totally unexpectedly, and ever since I have felt completely bewildered.

But now, as I rise out of my bewilderment, I find myself thinking, Why bother? When any day could be anyone’s last day, why bother with being crabby? Why spend any time feeling put upon? Why would I want to give any speck of my energy to being judgmental, or anxious, or fearful? Why use up even one iota of energy defending myself? Why choose to focus on worst case scenarios? Why flirt with hopelessness? Why believe that my happiness is dependent on another, or on circumstances? Why bother with any of that stuff? Why waste my time on it? Why choose to live even one moment of my life in that way?

And so I return, again and again, to the one thing I feel certain is what I do want to do with my time and energy — radiating love. I want to surrender to the practice, and see where it takes me.