Readers write about “should.”

*  The minute I started paying attention to “should,” I noticed it everywhere! I stop myself from “shoulding” all day long! I hear my co-workers and my friends “should” themselves. I’m surrounded by should!

*  I have noticed that the shoulds I place on myself are often related to expectations that other people have of me.

*  Should, should have, and don’t forget should not have.

*  I love “don’t should on yourself.” It’s easy to remember and makes me smile.

*  When I catch myself “shoulding on myself,” I think: I shouldn’t do that. That cracks me up!

*  “Don’t should on myself” is a tall order. I’m often at a loss how to turn it around. But fortunately or unfortunately, I provide myself with plenty of opportunities to practice. Poco a poco.

Be tenacious with your de-shouldifying!