I got pretty crabby last week. I didn’t like being 66 years old. I didn’t like that I’ve gained weight. I didn’t like not knowing what the rest of my life would look like. I didn’t like not having enough money. I didn’t like much of anything.

So I reminded myself to radiate love. Oh sure, I replied to myself, like that’s going to solve anything!

I was stubbornly determined to remain crabby about my life, and so a rather heated internal argument ensued. Finally I said, wait just a minute. Radiating love isn’t a solution, it’s a path. It’s a path that requires practice, curiosity, and faith. So just get over yourself and return to the path that you know is yours.

I did return to my practice of radiating love, and I feel better. In fact, I suspect that my discontent was a result of having forgotten to practice for several days.

Remember the Breath and Water Club, and some of the tricks we used to remind ourselves to drink 8 glasses of water a day? Put 8 rubber bands around your glass, and take one off every time you drink it. Set the timer on your watch (now I suppose it would be the timer on your phone). Put notes on your computer, mirror, refrigerator, steering wheel.

It’s time for me to use some of those reminders for radiating love. And for drinking water. Because I also suspect that my discontent was a result of being a bit dehydrated. Actually, forgetting to practice radiating love was probably also a result of being a bit dehydrated.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day, and radiate love along with it. That’s the plan.

Now where did I put all those rubber bands?