Here are some comments from Breath and Water Club members:

First, let me tell you how much I enjoy receiving your emails. I know it will be a good day when I see your name in my in box. Secondly, last night I could not sleep, my mind was racing (I was thinking about shoes and how one makes them, maybe you could help?) So, I thought maybe if I concentrate on my breathing and alternating nostrils that will help. You know what, it did! After some practice, I was able to switch by just quieting my mind and being aware. was too excited to sleep after that but it was nice. And I find that if I cut up some oranges and lemon and put them in my water pitcher, it makes drinking 8 glasses of water much more enjoyable!

It’s been a long time since I made a pair of shoes, but I can probably answer any questions you might have about how to do it. Give me a call! (Some of you may not know that I was a shoemaker for 15 years. One of my “past lives.”)

I did try the alternate nostril breathing (sans fingers), and I completely agree with you regarding how helpful it is in quieting what I call my little gerbil mind (running around the wheel).

My breathing became much fuller with Hug Your Heart. Then I had a period of accelerated insights and associations. Also, days when 76 year-old joints are unusually fluid and ache-free even before moving around.

I am particularly interested in observing/experiencing effects of alternate breathing, since wanting to relieve sinus and eye problems on right side. Took only a few breaths to be pleased with being able to breathe in right nostril without use of finger holding. Playing around with patterns of amounts breathing with each nostril.

Nancy, what a treat! What a treat! These newsletters are soul food. Thanks so much. I am really pushed for time, and trying to do the very difficult for me work of writing my papers about what I think and believe as foundational to the training I am doing. Taking the time to do the breathing and drink the water is helping me through it. When I feel like I don’t have the time is when it seems most important to do it, paradoxically. And, embracing the paradox in life is fundamental to my beliefs, so go figure!

The Breath and Water Club has members in Massachusetts, Georgia, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Mississippi, Canada, Montana, Wisconsin, Switzerland, Washington, Texas, and of course Minnesota. We have members who I don’t know where they live.


Keep breathing. Keep drinking water. Keep in touch.