Consider this. You have a dominant hand. In other words, you’re either left-handed or right-handed. You also have a dominant eye. You tend to use one eye more than the other, to look first with one eye before the other. You probably have a dominant step. When you start off walking, you most often begin with the same foot.And you have a dominant nostril. This particular dominance, however, can change with the time of day. So, notice. Several times during the day, notice which nostril is most open. When you wake up, notice. As you fall asleep, notice. When you’re relaxed and when you’re tense, notice. See if you can discern a pattern.

Try this during your 15 minutes of breathing, morning and evening. Switch nostrils. Exhale then inhale through your right nostril. Then exhale and inhale through your left nostril. Back to your right for the next breath, then again to the left. Exhale completely. Breathe in this way until you can do it easily.

Don’t use your fingers. Do this breathing with your awareness and your intent. No effort, be at ease. Keep your face relaxed, try not to scrunch up one side or the other.

What do you notice? How do you like it?