Breath and Water Posts

Breath and Water Posts

  • #70 Return to Breath and Water

    I didn’t breathe for two months. First a fierce cough, and then pneumonia and a fierce cough, kept my breathing tiny and shallow and kept me at a low level of functioning. Even after my physical symptoms were gone, my … Continue reading

  • #69 Breath and Water Blessings

    I want to share with you this letter from a member of the Breath and Water Club. I share it with you as encouragement to continue or return to your Breath and Water practice. Dear Jett, I turned 70 this … Continue reading

  • #68 Breath and Water

    Breathe: 15 minutes of intentional breathing twice a day. Breathe with appreciation, making no attempt to control your breath in any way. Allow and appreciate. Notice how you feel when you’re done with your 15 minutes of breathing. Drink: 8 … Continue reading

  • #67 Mea Culpa

    This is my mea culpa issue. I have neglected this Newsletter. I hope you haven’t neglected your Breath and Water practice. I was afraid, when I began sending the weekly Tenacity Notes newsletter, that this one would suffer. It has. … Continue reading

  • #66 Why are we doing this?

    “Walking on water wasn’t built in a day.”  ~Jack Kerouac Why are we doing this? Do you remember why we began this Breath and Water Club? This is from my December, 2004 invitation to form a club:“Some of you may … Continue reading

  • #65 Eat Well-being

    Remember Icky Rice? A reader suggested that I remind you to re-read the issues on eating and drinking: Imbue and Imbibe, #16 Intentional Eating, #27 and Intentional Eating, #28 Icky Rice #44 I re-read them, which got me to talking … Continue reading

  • #64 Details, details

    Why focus on the good feeling of breathing? Some have asked me why I don’t give a more structured breathing practice; why I mostly suggest that you simply enjoy the flow of breath in your body. I’ll try to answer … Continue reading

  • #63 5 Years!

    When dawn doesn’t arrive until after 7 am, and twilight comes by 5, it’s the perfect time to dwell within. In the midst of the manic energy of the “holiday season,” stay with your breath. Luxuriate in the long evenings … Continue reading

  • #62 Breathe!

    Remember your practice. Breathe: 15 minutes of intentional breathing twice a day. Drink: 8 glasses of water a day. Breathe with awareness. The other day I told someone that her back could expand when she breathed. She thought I was … Continue reading

  • #61 What Do You Want?

    What with the prevalence of the movie The Secret, the law of attraction books, and such like, I hear from many people that they are engaged in consciously creating what they want in their lives. Often though, I find that … Continue reading

  • #60 Courage and Tenacity

    To make a really long story short, immediately after we pulled our trailer from Louisville to Minnesota at the behest of Deb’s boss, he sent Deb back to Louisville to work. I stayed with the trailer in Minnesota. I spent … Continue reading

  • #59 Success and a True Story

    Success I recently read Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, Outliers, the Story of Success. In it, he wonders why people are successful. It was an altogether interesting book, but the part I want to tell you about is the Beatles. Why … Continue reading

  • #58 Connect to Your Core

    The warm, soft breath Many of you responded to the last newsletter, Your Soul Beckons You, with gratitude. You liked it. I’m glad, I liked it too. Connect to your Core I joined the YMCA here, and have been swimming … Continue reading

  • I want to share an image with you A lot of what I teach, maybe most of it, I learn during readings. Of course, not everything in every reading is applicable to every person. But now and then an image … Continue reading

  • #56 Column of Light

    I recently returned to a meditation I used to use, and I loved it. Then I added an alteration, now I REALLY love it. Maybe you’ll love it too. Sitting and breathing, I imagine myself encompassed in a column of … Continue reading

  • #55 I was born! I am alive!

    Happy New Year, Happy Inauguration Day I know it’s been a while since the last newsletter. I trust you haven’t been too worried! Thanks to those of you who found me to ask what I was up to. In mid-November … Continue reading

  • #54 Abundance

    You may have seen this story before, but I thought you’d find it useful again, what with all the angst about scarcity circling around us. This is a true story. It blew my socks off when it happened, and it … Continue reading

  • #53 Lunatic!

    Become a lunatic I’ve been spending too much time driving from Kentuckiana to Michiana, pulling our trailer (our home) to the factory, trying to get it fixed so it pulls right. It’s been all too easy for me to let … Continue reading

  • #52 Armageddon!

    Recession! Depression! Armageddon! (maybe all those dire predictions about 2012 are true after all) Physicists tell us that the universe is expanding, expanding in every direction from every point. You, the microcosm, are also expanding, expanding in every direction from … Continue reading

  • #51 Couples Work and Review

    As a friend of mine said, it’s September, the time when all good studying begins. So if these autumn days cause an inclination to study, you’ll find plenty to ponder in this review of the last four years of the … Continue reading

  • #50 Internal/External Responses

    I’ve just returned from Louisville, KY. It was very hot and very humid there. Whew. I was there for several days with Deb, who went to attend some pre-con (pre-construction) meetings. We will be returning there in a few weeks, … Continue reading

  • #49 Internal vs. External

    Internal vs. External (speaking of fulfillment…) It is pretty much always the case: when you find yourself fussing over, wanting to change, or otherwise trying to control your external environment, look first to your internal environment, where you will find … Continue reading

  • #48 Dont Bother Me!

    Someone said, when she called recently to make an appointment for a reading: “There are lots of times when I’d like to talk to you about something, but the issues seem like such small things to be bothering you with. … Continue reading

  • #47 The Question

    Suffering I was suffering from ennui. Then I was led, through a series of misadventures, to learning this: there is only one thing I need to do in order to live the life I suspect is available to me. I … Continue reading

  • #46 The Gift

    The Basics Stay with the basic practice: * Immerse yourself in your breath for 15 minutes, morning and evening. * Drink plenty of water. What you liked * You liked the story of my friend and his sister’s music. It … Continue reading

  • #45 Amazing True Story

    Sorry for the long span between this issue and the last one. I am recovering from a too-long bout of the flu, and hoping that it’s the last in a series of challenging experiences. Whew, what a wild couple of … Continue reading

  • #44 Icky Rice

    Icky Rice Over the years of the Breath and Water Club, several of you have suggested that I look at Masaru Emoto’s Messages In Water. Although I haven’t read his book, I did recently see his DVD. I got quite … Continue reading

  • #43 Appreciation

    In Minnesota, it’s snowing. In Texas, it’s 72 and sunny. I’m in Texas, remembering the thrill of walking in my neighborhood park after a 6-inch snowfall. Ah, winter wonderland — there’s nothing like it. But for this Minnesotan, 72 and … Continue reading

  • #42 Inspiration

    A reader asked: How is it that you so often say exactly what I need to hear? It’s uncanny how often that happens. I actually hear that question pretty often. So I’ll tell you one explanation for why that happens. … Continue reading

  • #41 There is a Field

    I have a book, 365 Days With Rumi. Today, October 3, has my favorite Rumi saying: Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. Are you breathing? 15 minutes morning and evening. You’ll … Continue reading

  • #40 Hitch Itch and Dry Eyes

    How Are You Doing? Are you breathing for 15 minutes twice a day? Are you breathing for longer? Are you drinking plenty of water? Feeling gratitude every day? Really, I want to hear from you. Take a moment to write … Continue reading

  • #39 Prostrate yourself

    Are you practicing gratitude during your breathing time? Here’s a way to deepen your experience. Prostrate yourself. By now, you likely know that I am uncomfortable in hot weather. I’ve never been in such hot weather as this summer in … Continue reading

  • #38 Practice What I Preach!

    The laugh’s on me! It’s 109° in the shade here, with no relief in sight, and I can’t stop chuckling. Last year I wrote about “I Don’t Know.” Remember? It was in issue #23. Hopefully after you read this, you’ll … Continue reading

  • #37 Counting my blessings

    I’ve been counting my blessings. But first, No need for cosmetic surgery here! Have you lengthened your breathing time to 30 minutes? I heard from a scant few of you, but your responses were heartening. One of you said: * … Continue reading

  • #36 Hurry hurry, worry worry!

    Remember when you deepened your practice of generosity? (Issue #19, February 2006) Now I suggest that you deepen your breathing practice. I have extended my breathing time to 30 minutes. During that time, I keep my awareness strictly on the … Continue reading

  • #35 Move!

    Re-energize your daily breath and water practice. Add movement. Back in December, before I got hooked on creating my Web site, we had issue #30 “Become a Master of Perspective.” Remember? If you can think one thing, you can think … Continue reading

  • #34 Oh the things I don’t know!

    Oh, the things I don’t know! I heard some things the other day. I want to share them with you. Our sun is a star, around which Earth and several other planets orbit. That is our solar system, and it … Continue reading

  • #33 Encouragement

    You were very pleased with the last issue on abortion. Many of you forwarded the newsletter to your daughters, sisters, co-workers, mothers, and even priests. Many of you said that it helped make sense of your own miscarriages and abortions. … Continue reading

  • #32 Abortion, among other things

    This issue is late because what I had planned to write kept getting shoved aside by what I am writing, which I resisted. Which is abortion. But first, how are you doing? I have offered you many practices over the … Continue reading

  • #31 The Year in Review

    Following is a list of the titles of the Breath and Water Club Newsletters from 2006. Recent comments from you about the past two newsletters follow the list. The other thing that happened in 2006, which has something to do … Continue reading

  • #30 Become a Master of Perspective

    You can think of perspective as the running commentary you have going in your head. How do you describe your life situations to yourself? Pay attention, and remember that if you can think one thing, you can think another. Not … Continue reading

  • #29 Move From Your Center

    All last week I drove dump truck at an ethanol plant in Nebraska. I also used a skid steer and a backhoe to load the dump truck. The company that employs Deb put me on the payroll so that I … Continue reading

  • #28 more Intentional Eating

    Here are a couple of reports from you regarding intentional eating: *Hi Jett — I’m so glad you mentioned intentional eating. When I was in France last year, I finally learned how someone could dine for hours — not by … Continue reading

  • #27 Intentional Eating

    INTENTIONAL EATING It’s true that intentional breathing, intentional water drinking (imbue and imbibe), and intentional sleeping cause balance. But there’s one thing more, and that’s intentional eating. With your practice of breathing and drinking water, and your practice of gratitude … Continue reading

  • #26 Lullaby

    Lullaby and Good Night The idea of sleep has come up a few times in the past month. First, a friend said I should change the club’s name to the Breath and Water and Sleep club, because sleep is so … Continue reading

  • #25 Am I an atheist?

    Sorry for the long hiatus between issues. It was just plain too hot. Now it’s cooler (I am wearing a sweatshirt! Yippee!) and I can think. I feel more able to be present with my breathing, and I once again … Continue reading

  • #24 When Death Comes

    How are you doing with your Breath and Water practice? Some more about “I don’t know” from a reader: *This is a good one, Nancy/Jett. They’re all good. But this one hit home. “More and more, I consider myself an … Continue reading

  • #23 What Do You Want?

    “Where are you?” That’s a question I’ve been hearing a lot of lately. So I’ll tell you. But first, here’s a beautiful comment I received about the “I am going to die” newsletter. “I haven’t responded before, but you do … Continue reading

  • #22 Responses

    Responses from the last newsletter I typically get several responses to the Breath and Water Club newsletters right away. With the last newsletter, the “I am going to die” newsletter, the silence was deafening! Nothing for the longest time, then … Continue reading

  • #21 I am going to die.

    I am going to die. So are you. There is nothing else to know. Everything you think you know about the next moment, or the next week, or the next month is only pretend. The only thing you can know … Continue reading

  • #20 Balance

    It’s the equinox. It’s time to pay attention to balance. Breath and Balance Today, focus on exhaling during your 15 minutes of breathing. Begin your breath with exhale. Exhale completely. Let the inhale take care of itself. Tomorrow, focus on … Continue reading

  • #19 Deepen Generosity

    You love the Breath and Water Club! I’ve been hearing from you. You’ve been practicing Breath and Water for a year and have seen profound changes in your life. You just started, after getting the newsletter for a year, and … Continue reading

  • #18 Your Chest, My Name

    I was at a healing drumming ceremony in San Antonio last night, and the topic was survival. Of course, breath and water are basic to survival, survival on every level — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Breath and water are … Continue reading

  • #17 Rapturous Love of Life

    For [hu]man[s], the vast marvel is to be alive. As for flower and beast and bird, the supreme triumph is to be most vividly, most perfectly alive. . . . The dead may look after the afterwards. But the magnificent … Continue reading

  • #16 Imbue and Imbibe

    First of fi –>First of all, thanks for your referrals Several of you have referred others to me for readings. Thanks for that. I’m always glad for referrals. Word of mouth is the way my practice stays vital. *Your readings … Continue reading

  • #15 The Year in Review

    I began the Breath and Water Club last year, as we left town for the winter for the first time, our 5th wheel trailer in tow. And now it’s come around again, time to leave town for the winter. Wow. … Continue reading

  • #14 Generosity and More Generosity

    Your daily practice You are practicing Intentional Breathing for 15 minutes twice a day. You are drinking 8 glasses of water daily. Your 15 minutes of breathing at least sometimes includes 5 minutes of gratitude and 5 minutes of some … Continue reading

  • Remember that abundance knocks on gratitude’s door? (See newsletter #11) It’s true that gratitude brings us an awareness of abundance, but it also attracts abundance. That may be useful to remember as you practice the next Breath and Water Club … Continue reading

  • #12 Gratitude and More

    Hello everyone, how’re you doing with your Breath and Water practice? Someone wrote: *I have one suggestion for the next breath and water newsletter. I was wondering if you could include a sentence or two about the basic guidelines in … Continue reading

  • As you recall, in the last issue I asked to hear from you about changes in your life in the past six months, how you feel about the Breath and Water practice, if you want to continue and deepen the … Continue reading

  • #10 6-month Milestone

    It’s the summer solstice! The Breath and Water Club started just about 6 months ago. 6 months of breathing for 15 minutes twice a day and drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Congratulations. You’ve created a daily practice for … Continue reading

  • #9 Smile, Tips

    How are you doing? Do you remember the format of this practice? 15 minutes of breathing, twice a day, and 8 glasses of water a day. Remember the Hug your Heart breath? Alternate nostril breathing? Reverse it breath? Good, glad … Continue reading

  • #8 Replies

    Here are some comments from Breath and Water Club members: First, let me tell you how much I enjoy receiving your emails. I know it will be a good day when I see your name in my in box. Secondly, … Continue reading

  • #8a Tips, Mystery, Patterns

    I heard from a couple people that it was too hard to alternate nostrils without using fingers. Then I found a drop-in beginners Yoga class near where we’re staying in Texas. The first teacher told us to use the “Sun … Continue reading

  • #8 Switch It

    Consider this. You have a dominant hand. In other words, you’re either left-handed or right-handed. You also have a dominant eye. You tend to use one eye more than the other, to look first with one eye before the other. … Continue reading

  • #7 Reverse It

    Are you breathing? Drinking water? Have you lost your initial zeal? Just keep coming back. Reverse It Here’s a breath to try. Typically, we think of our breathing as beginning with inhalation, followed by exhalation. Try reversing the order. During … Continue reading

  • #6 Let It Be

    Let It Be. A question from a reader: When we are doing the breathing, can we be doing other things at the same time, like praying or toning? Breath is expansive. I’ve suggested that you practice Hug your Heart for … Continue reading

  • #5 How Are You Doing?

    Hello Breath and Water Club! How are you doing? Perfect? 15 minutes of intentional breathing twice every day? 8 glasses of water every day? No? Me neither. Some days are great – I start the day with breathing, I drink … Continue reading

  • #4 Hug Your Heart

    Someone wrote to me: As far as I know, I’m breathing 1440 minutes a day – what exactly do you mean by breathing for 15 minutes twice a day? Meditating for 15 minutes twice a day? All of us breathe … Continue reading

  • #3 Tips From You and Me

    We have a club! A club with 40 members so far. 40 of us attempting the same practice—15 minutes of intentional breathing twice a day and 8 glasses of water a day. Remember, if 15 minutes seems onerous, do less. … Continue reading

  • #2 What is the Breath and Water Club?

    The Breath and Water Club is a support group of sorts for people who want to: drink 8 glasses of water per day and breathe for 15 minutes twice a day and do so daily for 6 months How do … Continue reading

  • #1 Let’s start a club!

    The Breath and Water Club began with a suggestion in my old newsletter, Signal Fire. Here’s what I said then: Some of you may remember the following suggestion I gave in my classes. Drink 8 glasses of water a day, … Continue reading