Intention Cards

“I love your Intention Cards. I use them a lot. The results are nothing short of miraculous. With Gratitude,” B.K. Minnesota

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As I say in the booklet that accompanies the cards, our intention is powerful, but it can easily become confused by our beliefs and expectations.

I created these cards to help you clarify your intent. But more than that, when you use my Intention Cards, you hook up with my intention for your fulfillment.

There are many ways to use the cards, and you can find some ideas in the booklet. Here’s one example: Maybe you don’t always get the sleep you need. Write your name on a piece of paper, and place it on the A Good Night’s Sleep card. Here’s what one person said:

“I’ve been putting my name on the A Good Night’s Sleep card, and I am very impressed. I’ve been falling asleep easily. The first night I used the card, I slept a full eight hours. That hasn’t happened in many, many years. I continue to sleep well. Amazing. Your card works better than anything, and over the years I’ve I tried everything trying to get a good night’s sleep. Really amazing. Thank you.”

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“I have been using the Balance card for [my friend] and guess who just felt like she got balanced? Me! Intention Cards are amazing!”

Intention Cards are Versatile

Here’s another example. Someone wished that there was a card called “Food Is My Friend.” There isn’t that exact card, but here are some ideas she could try:

* Write “My eating and drinking” on a small piece of paper, and place it on the Balance Card.

* Write “I have a joyful relationship with food” and place it on the Joyful Relationship Card.

* Write “My desire for food is in harmony with my body’s desire for vibrant health” and place it on the Harmony Card.

* Write “Everything I eat brings me into alignment with being strong and supple” and place it on the Strong and Supple Card.

You get the idea.

“Your Intention Cards are an inspiration.”

Intention Cards are Blessed

These cards are not just cardboard and ink. Each and every card is blessed with my intention that they be “profoundly beneficial to whoever uses them.”

As I draw each original image, I focus my intent to instill in the image the energy of its title.

When the cards return from the printer, I intentionally attune each card with the energy of fulfillment.

Before I send the cards to you, I bless them: “These cards are about joyful fulfillment. May everyone who uses them be fulfilled.

Intention Cards are a Work in Progress
Inspiration spurs me on.

I continue to create more cards. Buy a set now, then check back here often. You’ll be able to order individual new cards, and I’ll send them to you for a very small fee, just enough to cover printing and mailing.

Don’t delay your purchase, you can have a complete set no matter when you buy your original Cards.

Who knows, I could keep drawing new Cards for a long time!

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