’07 Spring

Spring 2007

We are in Minnesota, in the beautiful Minnesota River valley near New Ulm. Fort Ridgely State Park is having its golf course rebuilt, and happily, the company Debra works for has the job. Debra is the job superintendent.

We are camped in the equestrian camp, and except for weekends, when a few campers and their horses join us, we are the only campers. We are camped in a bend of this lovely creek. It is all quite beautiful, and Debra is only 5 minutes from the job site. The park has many miles of horse trails, and I’ve been riding once a week. Wow! The last time I was on a horse was 25 years ago.

Being here alone, and without phone or internet service, it feels rather like I am out on the edge of nowhere. In fact, I’m only two hours from south Minneapolis! I drive 7 miles to the little town of Fairfax for wi-fi, and I climb the hill behind our trailer for a phone signal. I love doing readings on the bench there, looking down on our trailer and the creek. Here’s a photo I took from the bench on the hill.

Below, a photo Debra took on Scenic Route 21, near the park. The Minnesota River is just behind the trees.