’10 Summer

Summer 2010

Leaving Iowa City, Heading to Duluth


Back in April, I said I could probably live in Iowa City, if we ever settled down in one place. I take it back!

Iowa City is a great little town, and I like it lots. But the summer weather there is way too hot for me. It’s as hot and as humid as I’ve ever experienced. One morning I went out before the sun was up to take a walk, and I hadn’t gone more than a block before I was drenched in sweat. Nope, it’s not the place for me.

And the move to Duluth is bittersweet, because Debra is working in Milwaukee. She’s been bouncing around to jobs all over Wisconsin. It’s been quite an unusual season for us. We got married on April 6, and ever since then we’ve been living separately! Hopefully, with me and the trailer in Duluth, Debra’s boss will relent and let her work there. There’s a problem with being the best there is — the company will put you on the toughest jobs, wherever they are.

But I’ll be in Duluth, near grandkids, near friends, and near clients. I expect to be kept busy with in-person readings. That’ll be a real treat.