’11 Autumn

Northland Autumn 2011

It is an awesome autumn in northern Minnesota this year. The days are sunny and crisp, the trees are magnificent in their autumn colors, and the Milky Way is beautiful in the night sky. There have even been northern lights. It couldn’t be better.

A Wedding Album

In late September, my stepson got married. He’s a handsome fellow, so I’ll show you his picture.

While I’m at it, I’ll also show you the rest of the “kids.” I’ve been their stepmother since 1985. Here’s his younger sister, the mother of my two grandsons.

Here she is, below, with her partner and their two sons, my grandsons.

And here’s his older sister. You can tell by her picture that she has a delightful sense of humor, a real pleasure to be with.

It was a small wedding, with a potluck meal. The ceremony was lovely, the food was great, and the family, including my granddaughter, left on their 4-wheeler. (Dont’ worry, it was just a ceremonial ride around the building. They actually left in their car.)

Here’s one more wedding picture. The woman in blue is my kids’ birth mother, and the one in red is my spouse. You might recognize Debra from the Summer of ’09, when the little girl on the 4-wheeler was a newborn.

In mid-October, earlier than usual, we’ll begin our trek south. First we’ll spend a couple of weeks in Minneapolis with family and friends. Then we’ll head for Blanco, stopping in Aledo, Texas for jambalaya at BooRay’s restaurant — a must stop on our journey south.