’10 Autumn

Autumn in the Northland
October 2010

The Golden Forest

On a drive from Duluth to the Iron Range, we passed through this Golden Forest of tamarack trees. I felt as though I’d somehow landed on another planet, or passed through some window into another dimension.

The Northland is truly Wonderland. Then on a walk in the woods, we came upon this magnificent creature.

She stayed put for a very long time. We’d left the camera in the truck, but when we returned with it, she was still there. We spent a lot of time admiring her. The sun on her wings was a sight to behold.

In October I was at the Duluth Holistic Expo, doing readings. It was great fun. In two days I did 20 readings. I had lots of help at my booth, and an excellent time was had by all.

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