’08 Autumn

Autumn 2008

We’re in Louisville, Kentucky. Debra is the superintendent on this job, the new arena for U of Louisville basketball.

Louisville is a lovely little city, with lots of good restaurants. See the bridge in the picture? That’s the 2nd St. bridge, and as you can tell, Debra’s work site is at the foot of the bridge. We are staying at a KOA about a mile from the other side of the bridge, which makes a 10 minute drive for Debra. Which is good, because she’s working 80-hour weeks.

I’m helping on this job, too. I do all the new worker orientations. They’re hiring like crazy, so it keeps me pretty busy. The best part of it is that I ride my bike to work. It’s great to be able to bike across the Ohio river.

I’ll leave here before Debra. We bought a new trailer last winter, and I have to take it to the factory in SE Kansas for a few warranty fixes. From there I’ll keep on going to Blanco. Debra will join me as soon as they let her go.

I don’t mind pulling the trailer on my own, but it is not as much fun as doing it with Debra. I had to pull it to northern Indiana a few times this fall, to the factory that built the axles. I’m getting pretty accomplished at it!